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Sparrow Inspections offers on-site, at your location, avionics certification.

We offer convenience, economy, and quality.

Our specially equipped mobil lab comes to you.

We can test all types of transponders, encoders, and altimeters.

In just a few hours, your avionics will be legal, safe, and accurate so you can fly with confidence.

We offer FAR 911.411 and FAR 911.413 IFR and VFR checks to assure that your onboard avionics equipment is up to standards and current so you can fly legally, safely, and accurately.

We bring our services to you and offer economy of time and expense.

Our services often costs less than you would spend flying to the nearest recertification facility.

Call us at 318-286-1152 or 318-872-4354 

or click here to schedule an inspection.

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